The Healing Wind


The Healing Wind

Mixed Medium

30x40 - Sold

As I looked through the names of trees, my mind paused on Ginkgo Biloba. The name brought back a memory of when a friend had given me a leaf from the Ginkgo tree. I was fascinated by this tree because he said it came from the time of the dinosaurs. The Ginkgo and it's past was my inspiration for this painting, as fossils of the Ginkgo Biloba have been found dating back millions of years ago. Today, there are some specimens that claim to be 2500 years old. It is a living fossil and I find this incredible. 

I painted roots and branches to the right of the canvas to show how the tree itself can grow on disturbed sites and flourish. The painted leaves fading into the background represent the past and of course the leaves in the foreground represent the present and future. The floating leaves portray the time that passes, sometimes lingering in the moment and sometimes vanishing in a flash. The Ginkgo tree is also known to be a memory enhancer. I used the eye as a link to the past. If you look into the eye, it has ancient wisdom and knowledge to share about your past, our history and perhaps can see into the future. 

© JASweet 2013